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Stars Hollow

Title: Stars Hollow (1/1... I'm better at little ficlets than chapter stories)
Pairing: Ada Monroe/Ruby Thewes (Filmverse/Fluff)
Rating: PG (Sorry kids, no hot lesbian sex this time)
Author: galindafication
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Ada and Ruby and any others mentioned in this work of fiction.  They are the creation of Charles Frazier, author of Cold Mountain
Notes: First of all, if you haven't seen Cold Mountain I don't suggest you read this or you will be so lost.  (I know all of you in adas__bedroom have seen it, otherwise what are you doing here?!  This note is just here for my friends list as I am posting it in my personal journal too)  The story takes place as Ada and Ruby are on their way up the mountain to find Stobrod and Pangle.  If you've seen the deleted cave scene on the Cold Mountain DVD this will make a lot more sense.
Warnings: It's got femmeslashy tendencies.  If you can't handle that don't read it.
Dedications: To dreamaria for the inspiration, for this fic was originally going to be Wicked related.  To sweetsunset_x for the fantastic Nicole Kidman quotes, and informing me that Nicole has "huge tits" LMAO.  To burningeuphoria for the screencaps of my favorite scene.  To followthatdream for all the encouraging words.  To Anthony Minghella for being a film genius.  To Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger for bringing the love to life.  To The WB and the creators of Gilmore Girls from which this story got its name.
P.S.  I apologize if there are errors or it doesn't make much sense.  It is the middle of the night and I am tired, but this was just something I had to write before I lost it.

The cold stung my cheeks and the tears burned as they embedded my skin.  Just the thought of Captain Teague capturing Stobrod and Pangle was too much to hold inside.  Lord knows Ruby is having a hard time taking it all in, for there she was... tattered grey clothing, haphazardly braided hair blowing in the wind as she walked at a much quicker pace ahead of me.  I started to call out to her, for she looked so alone, but I decided against that and just let her handle everything in her own way.  Over the four years that we have been living together, we'd come to understand each other, as different as we may be at times.

"Would yew hurry y'self on up here, Miss Ada Monroe?!"

She had broken into my thoughts and I looked up to see her holding the horse by the reins with one hand, the other firmly placed on her hip, taping her foot in the snow impatiently.

"What is it?" I asked in urgency.

"I found us here a cave to sleep in, now c'mon slow pokey, before the cows come home!"  She took her hand and and motioned for me to climb a little more ways up the mountain.

I couldn't help but giggle at her unmistakeable personality despite the dreadful circumstances.  "Sleep?!"

"Yeah, sleep!  Ev'r hear of it?!  'Less o'course you plan on spendin' the night out in the cold, freezin' yer high class frilly undergarmets off.  'Sup to you though."

"No, I'll..."

"Good.  'Cause there ain't no way we'll find them manurer-brained men in these mountains before nightfall.  I'm goin' inside to light a fire."

I followed close behind her and ducked inside the hole in the mountain as it swallowed me whole.  Somehow Ruby had already gathered debris from around the darkened cave to fuel the fire, and the first flame was born as I settled myself atop a large stone.  Ruby pulled herself away from tending to the fire to come over and wrap a blanket around my shaking shoulders.

"Yew has come a long ways, Miss Ada, but the cold still gets to ya like a small child."

"Stop it!" I giggled, and playfully slapped her arm. 

She smiled back at me, and I looked into her eyes.  She really was Ruby with the eyes that sparkle.  She rested her head on my shoulder, and I took her hand in mine.  She took her fingers and ran them around and through the dangling silver bracelets on my wrist.  Then she continued to do so to the single one on her own wrist, the one I had given her the night of the Christmas party.  She had come a long way as well, and I'd often wondered if she ever realized it.

A few hours must've passed because we both had drifted off to sleep.  When I awoke, the fire was dying out and Ruby was still resting on my shoulder.  I ran my fingers through her stringy ragdoll-like hair and whispered sofly against her.

"Ruby... Ruby... wake up... the fire's just about out, and we should probably get just a little bit more comfortable to sleep."

Ruby lifted her head and rubbed her eyes with both hands.  Now she looked like a small child and it was awfully sweet.

"Well, I was sleepin'!  'Til you jus' woke me up whisperin' in my ear as if we were sweethearts or somethin'... good Lord!"

"I'm sorry, I just thought..."

"Yew don't think nothin'!  Now c'mon and help me build this fire back up!"

I got up and helped her throw stray sticks and debris into the fire.  When the flame had become strong enough, I laid a blanket down beside it for us to sleep on.  I helped a still very sleepy Ruby down to the softness of the blanket, and then laid down beside her, covering our bodies with one of the extra blankets from the pack.

As we lay there, my head on her shoulder, and hers on my chest, I noticed the small cracks, almost holes in aboves us in the rock where the stars and their light came through and danced with the illumination of our flames.

"That is so beautiful."  I whispered.

"Yes, I'm sure the star goddess that y'ar appreciates sucha thing."

"You don't see the beauty in it?"

"Naw, them stars is as hollow as the walls of this here cave, each holdin' a promise or a wish that will never come true."  A tear ran down Ruby's cheek.

Knowing the obvious answer, I asked my next question anyway... "Did you wish on stars when you were young?"

"Yeah I did."  Ruby sniffled.  "But it ne'vr helped, matthers anyhow."

"What did you wish for?"

"Oh... was nothin' special.  Every night after I said my pray'rs I would ask the stars to bring me someone that'd love me more than absent-mided Stobrod Thewes ever did, that's for sure.  But I never got that love, never felt anything like it."

I leaned in and kissed the few stray tears that had appeared in her soft warm cheek.  "I love you, darlin' In case that big sky full of stars falls on our heads."  I said softly.

Ruby lifted her head from my chest and looked into my eyes as she slowly kissed me on the mouth.  Her kiss had a taste as sweet as she was, and when she pulled away a moment later, we just closed our eyes, feeling every part of the moment.  She rested her head on my chest once again, closing her eyes in contentment.

"I love you too, Ada Monroe.  You are my star."

I smiled and shut my eyes cuddling close to her to feel her warmth.  It felt as if I were home, instead of this dark, dreary cave, and... for the first time in four years... I knew I would be okay if Inman were to never return.  Because love in any form is forever.
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