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A very serious discussion. An enlightenment for you.


we make fun of our favorite movies.

its all good

dreamaria =diamondcourte5an & fuchsia glow= me

Fuchsia glow: Renee's mouth in a constant O
Fuchsia glow: :o
Fuchsia glow: lol
Fuchsia glow: !
DiamondCourte5an: haha yeah

DiamondCourte5an: she makes the :O face a lot in CM and it annoys me
Fuchsia glow: but i made fun of her in the back of my mind
DiamondCourte5an: haha yes
Fuchsia glow: lol yeah she does
Fuchsia glow: :o
Fuchsia glow: :o
Fuchsia glow: :o !
DiamondCourte5an: :O
Fuchsia glow: hers is a smaller o
Fuchsia glow: : o
DiamondCourte5an: :o
Fuchsia glow: :o
Fuchsia glow: lol
DiamondCourte5an: and nicole is just like :|
Fuchsia glow: :}o
Fuchsia glow: no shit.
Fuchsia glow: nicole is like   ~__~
DiamondCourte5an: haha yes
DiamondCourte5an: and renee is just :o
Fuchsia glow: ~_~zzz    :o
DiamondCourte5an: nicole: stop making that stupid face ~____~
Fuchsia glow: inman *__*
DiamondCourte5an: renee: :o i cant
Fuchsia glow: ~_~  *_*  :o
DiamondCourte5an: and then theres inman who just wants laid
Fuchsia glow: *_* i have seen many things, and i am now scarred.
DiamondCourte5an: i always thought that was a horny face
Fuchsia glow: ~_~ "i'm wearing trousers now"
Fuchsia glow: lol i dunno.
DiamondCourte5an: *shrug*
Fuchsia glow: "look, i've changed alot, i'm wearing a hat"  ~_~
DiamondCourte5an: :o
Fuchsia glow: *y* "i have a beard"
Fuchsia glow: :o "get away from my woman!
DiamondCourte5an: lmao
DiamondCourte5an: when i was watching that movie the other day
Fuchsia glow: :*o
Fuchsia glow: yes?
DiamondCourte5an: you should see how ada is watching them when ruby is cutting off his beard
DiamondCourte5an: ada is like DUDE DONT KILL HIM PLZ :|
DiamondCourte5an: and ruby is like fuck you woman :o
DiamondCourte5an: i found it amusing
DiamondCourte5an: everyone is so pissy in that scene except inman
Fuchsia glow: lol *cuts him*
Fuchsia glow: inman is just like @_@
Fuchsia glow: *zombie*
DiamondCourte5an: haha yes
Fuchsia glow: ~_~  @_@  :*o !

DiamondCourte5an: haha yes
DiamondCourte5an: it was a special moment

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